Selecting A Good Drum Instructor In Singapore

How can you make sure that you are employing a qualified drum teacher in Singapore?  How do you know you are becoming a pro drum teacher in Singapore?

Here are some realistic tips on what to look out for when you hire a drum teacher in Singapore.

In reality, there are master drum teachers in Singapore and then there are drum teachers in Singapore. Ask about their credentials before agreeing for the drum lessons. Experience counts especially in teaching a beginner as everything depends on the starting point.

Keep in mind that playing and teaching are two very different things.  Rock band drummer is usually not qualified as drum instructor in Singapore.

True, he has the experience to teach drums since he is a performer, but this does not mean that he is able of teaching drums.  Usually, they have no musical theory knowledge and cannot even properly tune a drum.

A standard and fundamental understanding of the drums is very important to drummers.  Aside from basic beats, a very good drum teacher in Singapore does not only concentrate on one musical genre but can instruct a multitude of other music modes such as jazz, funk, reggae, odd time (unusual time signatures), Latin, fusion, marching and others as time goes by and be able to expose them to different percussion instrument.

Selecting a good drum instructor is important as he will groom you quickly and easily. And make drum lessons in Singapore fun.

For Drum Lessons Singapore, we have already interviewed and screened the drum teachers, hence there is no need for your side to worry. In addition, if for any reason, you feel that the drum teacher is not suitable, you can come back to us and request for another drum teacher. That is a key benefit of using our service for drum lessons in Singapore.