Drum is considered as one of the most interesting musical instruments. Once you learn to play this instrument then you really enjoy it. If you are a beginner then here are some tips given below for you:

1) Try to learn all types of drums: there are many varieties of the drum but you must try to learn all of them. This is not difficult because once you have the basic knowledge then you can easily play any kind of drum.

2) Know how to hold the sticks: sticks are the most important part of the drums therefore it is very important for you to know how to hold them correctly. There are two methods or ways of holding them correctly.

3) According to the first method, you should hold them in your fist and should leave atleast an inch at the bottom of the stick. After that, you can point your thumbs facing the end of the stick.

This is the most popular method of holding the sticks. Besides this, there is another method according to which the drum sticks should be hold as if you are holding your pen or pencil. This method is most popular among jazz players.

4) Make use of your hands and use them to drum if there are no drums available. Try to drum the eight notes called “1&2&3&4&”with the hands only.

5) Before trying your luck on a new drum, you should practice first on a second hand drum. Generally a three piece set is considered appropriate if you are a beginner.

6) Try to have an instructor at your initial stages to guide you through the entire process and could help you in trying with variety of drumsticks. If the teacher is not available then you can take help of a video or some book.

7) Learn and practice properly: while practicing you should be serious and must choose a quiet place to practice so that nobody can disturb you. Make sure you devote your maximum time. During the initial stages play slow beats. Besides this, also put your metronome at a very slow speed. You should play only when you are completely relaxed.

Make proper use of your hands so that you can play all the simple beats. Also make it a habit to count out loud while playing. It is not necessary to do so but it should be done at the time of practicing and learning.

8) You should learn how you can close the high hat by using your left foot in case you are playing with your hands also. It may seem to be difficult, but in actuality it is not. While playing drum when you become a proficient you develop the habit of doing all these tasks simultaneously very easily. Try to play all the straight eight notes with your right hand only.

10) Develop the habit of playing with the right foot and the right hand at the same time, with left hand free. This helps all your limbs to move at the same time while your muscles are also moving.