Who is playing the violin in Singapore?

A lot of people, from young to the adults.


With the success of artists like Lee Hom and the obvious benefits to learning this unique instrument, the violin has become one of the most popular instruments. However, in order to play the violin in Singapore you must first find a teacher.  You may feel compelled to go to a large school or music academy. But if you really want a personalized lesson tailored to your own busy schedule, then a private tutor would be a better choice.


Four simple strings, a bow and an infinity of possibilities. Since the fifteenth century the violin has rendered some of the most beautiful sounds known to man. Whether in a formal orchestra (where the first player of the first violin is considered the leader of the orchestra) or onstage with a modern rock or pop band the violin is as versatile as it is beautiful.


Learning the violin in Singapore is not difficult with the right teacher.  Your success will depend on scheduling regular lessons and your dedication to practice. Again the benefit of a private tutor is if you need to cancel a lesson you will be able to reschedule right away and therefore not lose any important lesson time for that week.


Benefits to learning to play the violin in Singapore for your own pleasure or performance include:

  •  Increased concentration
  •  Self satisfaction
  •  Meeting new people who have an interest in music
  •  Above all the ability to express yourself in a new and creative way!


Here is a list of violin shops in Singapore to get you started:

  • Gramercy Music: +65 63453815
  • Karl Heng Enterprise: +65 633917787
  • Per S Ovesen-Rare Violins: +65 91810404
  • Synwin Enterprises: +65 6743 7865
  • AmberCraft/Tong Ming Xi: +65 67327915
  • Wing Classic Enterprise: +65 64434140
  • Music Essentials: +65 67372905
  • The Instruments Front Pte Ltd. +65 63467903
  • Sonovox Music Centre: +65 63372700
  • Rso Enterprise: +65 63532780