Recommended Guitar Resources

Keen on improving your guitar skills? Tap into this recommended guitar resources to improve your playing.

Jamorama Guitar Course

It comes with 153 video lessons and is packed with tips and tricks to get the student playing in the shortest time possible. The thing about Jamorama Acoustic that sets it apart from all other courses is that it is an integrated learning kit with lessons, games and practice “jam tracks” put together in a way that gets tangible results fast.

Jamorama Guitar is a practical course. Ben hasn’t loaded it down with a lot of unnecessary theory. While you will come away from the course with skills like being able to ready guitar TAB, you won’t spend time learning theory that has little or no application.

I give Jamorama Guitar a score of 10 out of 10! You will not find more information packaged in a user-friendly course for so little money anywhere.

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Video Guitar Lessons

Guitar Tricks is 45 guitar instructors with over 3000 online guitar lessons in one massive site. Guitar Tricks
lessons use video, mp3 and guitar tablature so you can learn
guitar online. 45 instructors cover every major style of guitar playing, including acoustic, blues, classical,
country, jazz, rock and metal.

Highly recommended by our teachers!

Songwriting Tips

Songwriting Tips – Super-charge your creativity and listen to a veteran songwriter share his songwriting tips, tricks and techniques.


Mfiles – Best music source for the guitarist. Extensive music resource for all your music needs

Voice Lessons
Learn to sing, great teachers, the studio offers lessons to all ages.

MLR Guitar

Free Guitar Lessons
Learn popular songs with free and detailed videos lessons from Sting, Eric Clapton, The Beatles & more

Rock Guitar Lessons | best electric guitar lessons
Quality rock guitar lessons for beginners and advanced players.
Rock guitar legends transcriptions.