Which Genre? – Ukulele

The ukulele is a small portable string instrument that you can master more conveniently than the larger guitar, especially if you have small hands. You can master as wide a repertoire of songs as you could on a guitar and look really adorable while doing so.

There are various types of ukelele of different sizes, and the acoustic soprano is recommended for beginners.

Here is an example of the course syallabus of the Ukulele Course. It is usually customized according to your learning style and objectives. Study notes will be provided during lessons.

Step 1
Learning To Hold And Be Comfortable With The Ukulele

Step 2
Introduction To Basic Ukulele Chords And Learning To Read Them

Step 3
Mastering Basic Ukulele Chords And Learning How To Strum Them

Step 4
Introduction To More Complicated Ukulele Chords And Mastering Them

Step 5
Mastering Basic Finger Picking Through Interactive Finger Picking Exercises

Step 6
Putting All Of Them Together


Ukulele for Kids: (to add testimonials. refer to http://guitarlessonssingapore.com/ukulele-lessons/kids/)

Has your child expressed interest in playing the guitar? Do you wonder how they could even hold the guitar in their tiny hands? And if their fingers are tough enough to manage the instrument? Well, Kids’ Ukulele Lessons is the solution for your concerns.

The ukulele is much smaller than the guitar and requires less strength and effort to play. There are only four strings instead of the guitar’s six strings. There is a better chance that they shall be able to play songs on a ukelele and feel motivated to keep learning music for longer.

Your children shall be delighted to learn:

  • Fun & Inspiring Ukulele Lessons Designed Especially For Children
  • How To Read Musical Notes And Ukulele Tablature
  • Basic Music Rudiments and Musical Terms
  • Personalized Coaching According To Your Child’s Learning Patterns

Mastering one musical instrument is extremely fulfilling and can boost the confidence of your child. Cultivating the interest and musical talent of your child is priceless as it will allow them to enjoy the journey of learning and playing music throughout their lives.


Ukulele for Teenagers: (to add testimonials. refer to http://guitarlessonssingapore.com/ukulele-lessons/teens/)

A Surprisingly Simple Way To Master An Instrument – Ukulele Lessons For Teenagers

Keen to express yourself in a new way by playing an instrument? Love the look and sound of the Ukulele? Or do you simply want to master a musical instrument as easily as possible?

The ukulele is easier to handle, especially for small hands, and can be easier to learn than the guitar.

Our ukulele lessons are fun and engaging for teenagers:

  • How To Read Musical Notes And Ukulele Tablature
  • Comprehensive Study of Finger Picking Styles
  • Personalized Coaching Session With Ukulele Teachers
  • Constructive Feedback On Mastering The Ukulele Quickly

Imagine, mastering one musical instrument easily within one month. Would you like to cultivate your musical talent quickly? If yes, call us now to learn about how you can register for Teenage Ukulele Lessons.


Ukulele for Adults: (to add testimonials. refer to http://guitarlessonssingapore.com/ukulele-lessons/ukulele-lessons-for-adults/)

A Fun Way To Learn To Play Music Quickly

Have you always wanted to learn guitar, yet would love to have something smaller and more convenient to carry around? Here’s a cute and quirky little alternative that’s taking music lovers by storm. Learn to play the ukulele! The ukulele is easier to master and carry around too. In fact, most of our students master it within one month.

Take our Adults’ Ukulele Guitar Lessons to master these with fun and joy:

  • Basic Music Rudiments and Musical Terms
  • Ability To Read Musical Notes And Ukulele Tablature
  • Comprehensive Study of Finger Picking Styles
  • Personalized Coaching Session With Ukulele Teachers
  • Constructive Feedback On Mastering The Ukulele Quickly

Imagine, in the near future, having fun playing the ukulele while your friends squeal over how cute the instrument is. (Trust us, it is really adorable). Feel the sense of contentment as you strum the ukulele while entertaining your friends. Would you like to make that a reality? Yes? Give us a call now to learn more about it.




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